As an indispensable prerequisite for the success of the planning and implementation of any complex project a
consistent, yet also adaptable concept is indispensable. In order to accommodate present and future needs such
a plan must be based on

 a precise status quo analysis,

 a realistic judgment and/or estimation of future demand levels and

 of the resulting revenue/cost situation.

Only the combination of these three elements within a sound concept lays the foundation for a successful
transition into practice. This forms the pivotal point for the work of Mörz Transport Consult with special focus on
airline, airport and urban transport planning and privatization.

Mörz Transport Consult, founded in 1994 and based in Munich, provides you with extensive expertise in statistical
analysis, economic/financial feasibility, and planning in the fields of air transport, airports and urban transport.
Through involvement in privatization projects we have built up significant experience with the development of
privately financed infrastructure.

Our experience builds on work which has been dealing with the many different aspects of transport infrastructure
development such as forecasting, Master Planning and business planning, but also with more specialized tasks
like airline network planning or the benchmarking of airports and of transit companies.

Within the context of several projects we have
performed comprehensive work in the field of
statistical demand modeling and forecasting,
such as, for example, the development of a
computer algorithm for air transport forecasts.

Mörz Transport Consult offers you background in
both engineering and economics and is thus qualified
to deal with interdisciplinary tasks, providing you with
an integrated approach to a wide scope of your
Our core team puts more than 40 years of
experience at your disposal. We have all the
resources at hand which allow us to provide
tailor-made services for your project, no matter if you
require the full scope or just special knowledge to
supplement a larger team, or to obtain an
independent opinion through an audit.

When you are talking with us, consultation starts at the first moment. We work on the basis of an individualized
structure where the consultants themselves perform the task of project definition and also negotiate the consulting
contract. You therefore have our word that we deliver what we promise and, once the contracts are signed and the
work begins, that you will keep talking to the same people you have been negotiating with before rather than have
to adapt to new faces and mentalities.

We offer to you to solve problems in close, team-orientated cooperation with you, our client, within the limits of
applicable boundary conditions. Starting out with a status quo analysis, consultation follows through to the
finished concept and its implementation.

The scope of our services comprises

  traffic forecasting,

  lender's and investor's due diligence,

  business planning,

  Master Planning,


  specialized banking services and

  aeronautical studies.

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