(E) - Entire Study
(T) - Team member

Preparation of more than 50 aeronautical studies for individual wind turbines or wind farm projects. (T)

Preparation of the land use development and real estate Masterplan for the new international gateway airport of a Middle Eastern country. (T)

Preparation of 20-year forecasts and assessment of opportunities and risks for a planned new airline. (E)

Business Development for the capital city airport and for selected regional airports in an East African country. (T)

Comparative analysis of the supply chains for air cargo exports in two East African countries. (E)

Preparation of the Masterplan for an international airport in the Middle East. (T)

Preparation of the transport Masterplan for a Middle Eastern country. (T)

Development of an air transport policy and quantitative assessment of opportunities for the liberalization of air transport in a country in the Middle East. (T)

Preparation of a position paper for ECOWAS laying out a roadmap for the implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision. (E)

Development of an air cargo strategy for Vancouver airport. (T)

Preparation of an operations concept for Mazar-i-Sharif airport. (E)

Study of the effects of an open skies agreement between Jordan and the EU on the Jordanian economy. (E)

Preparation of a feasibility analysis for the rehabilitation of an existing airstrip to serve passenger and cargo aircraft operations at an oil and natural gas production plant in Nigeria.  (T)

Preparation of a 25-year passenger and cargo demand forecast for the Masterplan of the new capital city airport of a West African nation. (E)

Strategic reorientation of the cargo unit of a US airline. (T)

Privatization of Queen Alia International Airport, Amman. (T)

Restructuring of TACV Cabo Verde Airlines (T)

Pre-feasibility study for an air cargo hub at Amman airport. (T)

Preparation of the bid for the BOT concessions for the airports of Budapest, Bratislava and Kosice. (T)

Preparation of the Masterplan for the new airport of Dakar, Senegal. (T)

Study of the options for cooperation of Frankfurt Airport with Hahn and other airports with the aim of easing the traffic load at Frankfurt airport. (E)

Preparation and conduction of a workshop focusing on the subject of air traffic forecasting and airport technical and financial planning. (E)

Preparation of passenger and cargo demand forecasts for Krüger Mpumalanga International Airport and advisory in the business planning process. (T)

Bid preparation for the BOT concession for Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, Panama City. (T)

  Privatization of the international airport of Montevideo, Uruguay. (T)

  Development of an algorithm for forecasts of the aircraft type, number of flights and passenger volumes for the
two cases of airline profit and consumer surplus maximization. (E)

  Planning and evaluation of the Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) architectural design contest. (T)

  Layout design contest for the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport. (T)

  Master Plan for Altenburg-Nobitz Regional Airport (former Soviet airfield) (E)